As a renowned supplier we are more than capable of taking on projects of any size, all projects are important to us, no matter how small it is.

Domestic Services

Some of our domestic services are:

  • Upgrading Fuse Boxes
  • Additional Sockets
  • Additional Lights
  • Cooker Circuit
  • Shower Circuit
  • Installation of Alarms
  • Installation of CCTV
  • Complete Electric Rewiring
  • Finding Faults and Modification

Commercial Services

Including all services mentioned above our commercial are services listed below:

  • Total Electric Installation
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Fitting of Emergency Lights
  • Access Control System
  • Inspections on Commercial Electrical Systems

Our Repairing and Fault Finding Solutions

  • If there is any electrical fault in your residence or property, whether it is small or big, you need to get an electrician who is experienced and has the correct knowledge. Our testing equipment and knowledge ensures flawless fault finding and repairs.
  • Give us a call and we’ll come to provide you a free quotation and electrical test. Keep in mind; every precaution in your property needs to be done to ensure that it is safe from all electrical defects.

Our Testing and Maintenance Services

No electrical system can be considered safe for use until it has been inspected and tested. Regular inspection of your “Electrical mechanism” is a main factor. Failure to do this may result in a number of hazards such as fires, electrocution, damaging equipment and so on. The worst consequence is death. There are many things that can result in an electrical installation becoming unsafe. We also maintain our periodical rules.

Our Periodical Inspections Are

  • Disclose if any electric circuits or equipment are loaded.
  • Finding out any potential electric shock and fire risks in the electrical equipment.
  • Identify any lack of earthing or bonding.
  • Recognize any defective DIY electrical work

Our Periodical inspection is carried out:

  • at least every Ten years for domestic premises
  • at least every Five years for commercial installations including Hotels
  • at least every Ten years for domestic premises
  • at least every Five years for commercial installations including Hotels

Installation of Fire Alarms

  • Nobody knows when an emergency may arise and that’s the why it makes a sense to set up a fire alarm. Therefore we carry out Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting installations to all the commercial and residential properties within South Africa.
  • We gather all results from the test, together with any remedial work that is essential. The test results are entered into the emergency lighting logbook. If any work is necessary then a quotation will be raised and forwarded to the client for instruction. To benefit the life of the batteries they should be replaced every year (self-contained units).

CCTV Installation Specialists

We are experience in designing and installing CCTV security systems from simple video inspection to large complex systems.

  • We use the latest technology in CCTV Security
  • We use High Definition Cameras
  • We provide the Internet Protocol based CCTV equipment
  • We always offer you the video surveillance solutions that can be adapted according to your needs
  • We can advise you on the best type of CCTV Camera
  • We can install CCTV to domestic and business premises
  • We can advise you about the best system for your property, along with the ideal locations for your cameras and recording tools.

Intruder Alarm Installation

We provide security solutions to some of the South Africa’s leading commercial companies along with a high volume of residential properties too. Our burglar alarms will effectively put off intruders and look after your most valuable assets.

Our Access Control Services

Access Control systems are electronic security solutions which are installed to manage the people who come in and out of your building.

We provide three types of Access Control systems:

  • Basic Control: This access system is usually installed at your main entrance with video, speaker, or code entry devices. It is typically used in Residential flats, small office and other receptions offices.
  • Standalone System: these systems are suitable to be used on one or two doors within small offices or schools and others.
  • Networked or PC Based Access Control Systems: these systems are built using a main PC connected to door controllers and card reader. It is typically used in Hotels, warehouses, universities and large offices.